Saturday, December 30, 2006

Update on Our Sickness

Now Scott is sick. He's been vomiting all morning, NOT good.
Merry just came into the kitchen with VERY rosy cheeks, and I felt her head. She has a fever. Hope she only has that and no flu symtoms.
Kelsey is feeling better, and I am still weak and a little nauseated. Don't know if we'll make it to church tomorrow...almost naptime here, so I'll sign off for now.
Keep us in your prayers.



Alissa said...

Oh, I so know how you feel. We have been sick here, too. Not the vomiting thing, but just coughing and snotty and feverish. Feel better.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Do feel better very very soon---ALL of you...What an awful plague upon your house! Do take good care. Prayers are being said.

Judy said...

Hope it all passes quickly, Kendra!

grammy said...

Hope my little girls and mommy and daddy feel better soon. I love you all.