Saturday, October 15, 2005

They USED to be babies!

I remember looking at the girls last summer and thinking, "They aren't babies anymore."
I was mistaken. They WERE babies last summer! This summer they are BIG GIRLS.
I will post some pictures from this summer, just so you can see the difference!

Mommy, Merry and Kelsey, Summer 2004 Posted by Picasa

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Monica said...

Isn't it crazy how fast it all seems to go!?! People tell you to enjoy it, because the kids grow up so fast...I just never realize how true that is until I take a look back (as you did.) I can't believe Madison will be 4 next month and Micah is already 16 mo. old....Madison will be "graduating" from Joyland this next June, then on to Kndg. It is going tooooooo fast! Love ya,