Thursday, August 11, 2005


I wrote this poem this morning for a very special little boy.
Daniel is in my Sunday School class and is such a sweet little guy.
He's had some traumatic things happen in the past year, but he's stayed so sweet, and God has blessed him with some special gifts.
I hope you enjoy the poem.


A bright little smile on a shy little face
Hands in his pockets, tie in its place
Shoes neatly tied
Shirt tucked in
It’s Daniel, on Sunday morning,
Neat as a pin

He’s always happy to be there
And never has a complaint
He asks for prayer
For his daddy dear
And bows his head
When we pray

I love to see him come to Sunday School
His smile just lights up the room
I think that God gave him special gifts
Of love and joy, not gloom
He brings good cheer with him
And shows me such respect

My, how I’m going to miss him
As he joins his daddy far away
Sundays just won’t be the same now
Without Daniel and his joy
But I’m so happy that he once again
Can be Daddy’s little boy

Keep smiling, sweet Daniel
Don’t ever lose those gifts
Of love and cheer
And spreading joy
Such wonderful things from
A precious little boy

Written with love by Sis. Kendra for Daniel Manuel
August 11, 2005


Lauren said...

Kendra, what a touching poem. You are such a good writer, thank you for sharing. I hope little Daniel will be just as filled with Joy when he goes to live with his Dad.Love ya!

Connie Wilhoite said...

I hope you made a copy of this for Daniel. It fits him. I'll miss him, too. He's a precious child who has been through so much and has so much dignity. Can't help but love that child!