Friday, August 12, 2005

A Fun Night Out

Tonight we took the girls up to the kiddie waterpark, here in Canton.
They looked so cute in their little purple bathing suits!
Meredith loves to go up there and watch the other kids get wet. She will stick her toes in here and there and get splashed a little, but we haven't reached the point of total oneness with the water. As for Kelsey...well...she HATES the waterpark! I'm hoping that eventually she gets a little less watershy, and jumps right in.

Tonight was "Oldies" night at the waterpark. There was a dj there playing oldies but goodies, and the kids got to play games like musical chairs and have dance contests. They also had a hula hoop contest. My kiddos are a little young for all that, but Kelsey LOVED the music!

Scott and I sat in our camp chairs and Kelsey stood on the sidewalk in front of us. She entertained us (and everyone around us) for a good 20 minutes with her dance routines. I haven't laughed so hard in ages! The kid actually looks like she knows what she's doing! At one point she had her arms in the air and was pumping them up and down, pointing her index fingers to the sky. It was hilarious!

Merry spent most of her time running back and forth between Kelsey's dance and the sprinkler. We had a really good time, and it felt great to be out as a family.

Its amazing, but as I watched the girls tonight, I felt such awe at what God made...two beautiful little beings. And they are MINE to love!!! What a treasure!

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