Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A GetAway

I'm so excited! Tomorrow morning, my sweet husband is taking me away for a long weekend trip. We will be going up to Traverse City, MI, the city we hope to live in someday.
My wonderful parents are watching the girls, and the dog, and Scott and I are on our own for four wonderful days. :)
So...I probably won't be posting anything until we get back. I plan to sleep, sleep and sleep some more...uninterrupted little girls opening up the door in the middle of the night, or crying out in their sleep because they lost their pacifier!

I highly recommend that all of you try to visit Traverse City at least once. I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

See you Monday!!


pattiroberts said...

Hope you are enjoying your trip, honey. The girls have been very good and the dog is really no trouble.
See you soon,

Judy said...

Hope you had a wonderful time! Have missed seeing you over at Lauren's and here!