Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Merry's Big Day

Tomorrow my little girl will end her time as a baby. I can hardly believe its come so quickly!
It seems like just yesterday that she was lying in my arms, drinking her bottle and looking up at me with those big brown eyes.
Yet, tomorrow, she will take the first steps as a "big girl".
Tomorrow Scott and I will take her to her preschool visitation. She will meet her teachers, get aquainted with some new friends, and familiarize herself with her classroom. I will be standing beside her, choking back tears.

I've looked forward to this day ever since Kelsey was born, but now that its here...I'm not so sure.
I'm feeling this VERY strong baby is leaving me!

I take comfort in knowing that eventually I will get used to the first day of school, and will actually look forward to it!
I also take comfort in knowing tht MY momma managed to survive me "leaving the nest".
She even wrote a poem for me, and presented it to me. And I, at the tender age of five, actually comprehended the poem, and had to force myself not to cry. I remember the moment vividly.
I remember how much my momma loved me.

I hope that Merry remembers her first day, and that its a GOOD memory.
Hopefully it won't contain a memory of her mommy breaking down in tears in her preschool classroom!

On with life...
Congratulations on becoming a big girl, Meredith!
Mommy loves you more than you could ever know.


pattiroberts said...

I guess my poetry writing days are over, honey, but the emotions are still intact. It's quite an experience to let your baby go to school. But she'll love it and you'll get a little R&R, too.

Anonymous said...

Reading all up on Merridiths first day at pre-school, makes me wonder what it will be like when Aleia has to take that first step.

Glad she did so well and by the sounds of it you didn't melt down.

Your Friend,