Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Feelin' the Pressure

Today is going to be "one of those days". I can tell. I've crammed in so many things today, that I'm already feeling the pressure, and its only 9 a.m.!
Merry got me up at 8:30...big surprise...and wanted to play with her new dolls.
I have to clean the house, because company's coming over this evening.

I have to grocery shop, because I promised to make my famous mostacholli for the assistant pastor and his wife tonight. Dinner is at six...and I'm hoping to have time to cook it!
I have to take my kids to my mom's, hurry to the store, hurry home to put away the groceries, and then hurry to my voice lesson!
I'm feelin' worried about my voice lesson, because I just found out that I have to sing in a receital in just a couple weeks, and the song I chose to learn is really,really difficult!
As soon as my lesson ends, I have to rush back, pick up the kids, rush home and start cookin' up supper.
I'm expecting the assistant pastor and his wife to stay until about 7:30, then I have to rush over to a friend's house to stay with her for a couple hours. (she is having a stomach biopsy today, and her parents have church tonight, and I need to stay with her while they are gone.)
So...there you life today in a nutshell.
I hope I survive the day! :)

p.s. I'm not complaining, mind you, just observing how today will be.

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Lauren said...

How did your day work out? It sounded very very busy! I'm sure you did beautifully. :)