Monday, August 01, 2005

"Our" Virus

Whew. I tell you...we are all sick around here. Yesterday, when I got to choir practice and got Kelsey out of the car, I realized that she had a whoppin' fever. Scott had to set up the projector system during choir practice, and I had to direct and sing, but as soon as choir was over, I checked Kelsey's head again.
The fever had broken, but she was still super cranky and flushed.
I called in the emergency babysitter, and Scott ran both girls home to Mari while I taught my Sunday School class.
After Sunday School I called Mari to check on my baby (she was sleeping) and then headed into service.
I was planning on leaving church after the choir sang and heading home to be with the girls, but God had other ideas.
I think I directed the choir for 20 minutes or so...we sang a couple blowout songs, and there were people worshipping and praying everywhere.
Half my choir wasn't even singing. I think they were dancing and praying most of the time.
I was ready to walk out the door when the guest preacher called for praise singers on the platform. I dropped my keys, water and cell phone and ran back up to the platform where I continued to sing/direct for another 30 minutes or so. about an awesome move of God! It was great!
Today, however, I am shot. Scott, Meredith and I have apparently acquired the same virus as Kelsey. Fevers, sore throats, and no appetite. We all took a nap this afternoon.
I had these great plans to clean the kitchen, and am totally exhausted, even after a nap.

I hope this virus doesn't hit you. Although it reportedly only last for 24 hours, its a doozy.
Stay healthy and happy...and say a prayer for us sick ones over here in Canton.


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Lauren said...

Poor Lynn family. :( I will say a little prayer, please fell better soon.
Love ya guys!