Thursday, August 04, 2005

Emmanuel, God With Us

by Kendra Roberts Lynn

“Emmanuel, “ a whispered prophecy,
Passed down from generation to generation.
Father told it to son, mother to daughter.
“Emmanuel, God with us.
Someday. “

“Emmanuel, “ a hope given year after year.
“He will come, “ said the fathers.
“With a mighty army! “
“He will deliver us, “ said the mothers.
“Someday. “

“Emmanuel, “ a song sung to the children,
As their mothers rocked them to sleep.
“Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God,
The Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.
Someday. “

“Emmanuel, “ said Joseph’s father.
“He will come soon. He will deliver! “
“Yes, Father, “ answered Joseph.
“He will free us from bondage.
Someday. “

“Emmanuel, “ Mary’s mother told her.
“May come any day. Perhaps today! “
“Yes, Mother, “ agreed Mary.
“He will come in glory and majesty.
Someday. “

“Emmanuel, “ the angel told Mary.
“Will be carried by you. “
“Emmanuel, “ breathed Mary.
“He has finally come! No more
Someday. He is here. “

“Emmanuel, “ said the angel to Joseph.
“You will be a father to Him. “
“Emmanuel, “ whispered Joseph.
“I will be a father to Him,
Someday soon! “

“Emmanuel “ was born in a stable.
He came, but not with an army.
He came, but not as a King.
He came as the babe, Jesus,
But He was still “Emmanuel. “

“Emmanuel “ grew as any child.
But He was strong in spirit,
Filled with wisdom.
And the people still said,
“Someday He will come. “

“Emmanuel, “ the people whispered.
“How can a carpenter be the one? “
So they scoffed and ridiculed Him.
They ignored the mighty works
That were done by the Man, Jesus.

“Emmanuel “ a Man not received by His own.
They hung Him on a tree,
His blood dripping down the Cross.
They mocked Him, even as He died.
Still they said, “Someday. “

“Emmanuel “ rose on the third day,
And then the world began to know,
That the prophecy was fulfilled.
The hope came to pass, and the song was true.
God with us!

“Emmanuel, “ proclaim His name today!
Tell all the nations of His might!
Testify of His unconditional love!
Shout to the world that

“God Is With Us! “


Monica said...

Beautiful! I want to use this as a reading for youth service...let me know what you think. Thanks for being such a blessing in my life. I really appreciate you!

Kendra Lynn said...

You can use this as a reading NO problem. :)
You are a wonderful friend, and I love you.